Monday, 21 January 2008

Junior SWAP

Here is a photograph of the twist top that set us off on a second SWAP. It is O.K. to do two, Julie from Timmel Fabrics posted that some people do 3 - 33 garments in 12 weeks is a lot. My daughter spent a lot of time today playing with fabric - I wonder where she gets that from? She wore her new top with the denim shorts I made her before Christmas. We were out all day shopping for the start of school next week - school shoes, covers for books, music books, groceries, the post office (it wasn't all for school), and the library. I didn't sew at all until after dinner, and then I only cut out a pair of pants, all set to sew, when I realized that I have only white invisible zippers, no dark colours and definitely not dark green. I will get stuck into something else tomorrow, and buy another zip on my way to work.

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