Monday, 4 February 2008

V8305 Pants rescue mission

V8305 Pants rescue missioni
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After taking advice from kind sewers posting at Stitcher's Guild (thank you especially to Marji and Licarrit) I think my horrid overstretchy V8305 pants may have been rescued. I stabilized the horizontal seams and the crotch seam with linen selvage, took in the side seams, and am much happier with the extent of bagginess from the stretch woven cotton lycra. To mark their probationary readmission to the SWAP, I even trimmed the ankle split with some pretty bias (they had better behave themselves). However, I am not posting a photo of me wearing the pants, as there is still extra fabric at the front - today I learned that this is called a camel toe and read a very funny and informative tutorial

how to fix or improve it. The tutorial is by Kathleen Fasanella, and was posted by Johanna Lu - thank you both. Now I can put off working on my jacket for even longer. At least I have stopped fitting the jacket toile, and actually cut it out of the less expensive of my fashion fabrics. I worked out that every "correction" I made was causing a problem somewhere else. My next trial was that the texture weft interfacing refused to fuse. This is either due to it being stored for 5 years since my last jacket attempt, or possibly due to the 99-100% humidity present today. After 4 attempts with the iron, I gave up, and stitched all the facing to the lining pieces at 1.5cm spacing. No one will be allowed to look at the inside of this jacket.

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Marji said...

Karen, Kathleen F posted something on fusing interfacings, especially Weft face interfacings, a couple of weeks ago. Seems she was also having a lot of difficulty getting the fuse to 'fuse'. She got some valuable input from a variety of folks, so that might give you some info on how to proceed with the interfacing part of your project.
good luck. Yes, fitting is always the challenge.