Wednesday, 30 January 2008

V2925 FBA again

Sewing today was mainly name tags, as my son starts school tomorrow. I also sewed some grosgrain ribbon on a hand towel and and zig-zagged a few badges and crocodiles from print fabrics on the same hand towel (for use at school). It was really high level sewing! This, I think today, is about the level of sewing I should stick to. I am struggling with the jacket. I read more today about adjustments and construction and am feeling a bit out of my depth. I did finish unpicking toile #2, and have slashed and pivoted in what might be the way people at the Stitcher's guild have suggested on a FBA for french darts thread in Anne's Purls of Wisdom. I hope this is what Debbie Cook meant, but am unsure. I have taken photographs, and will take more after I can get to the sewing machine and sew some fabric under my changes - maybe someone can tell me if I am heading in the right direction if I ask again with pictures.

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