Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Free patterns

I was reading Johanna Lu's review at patternreview today, and she not only details the clever bias version of a blouse she has made for her SWAP, but describes the source of her pattern as a free download. I immediately went looking for the site "" and found downloadable patterns, for $, and 3 free ones, unfortunately not Johanna's blouse source (still available for $)- but, a pattern I have been looking at in Stitches magazine was there for free! McCalls 5466

I was very pleased to find this, and tried downloading it, which involved switching to internet explorer. I thought I was pretty clever to work this out, but when the pattern printed (60 pages)it looked a bit funny.
I discussed this with my husband over lunch, and worked out the page size was incompatible with the printing. I went back to download it again, lo and behold when I logged in another pattern had appeared, Simplicity 4116. I thought this would look good on my daughters, so I switched the download to A4 and it looks as if it has worked.

Later, when I have finished the SWAPs I would like to make the McCall's for me as a winter dress, and I am thinking of a trans-seasonal version in some peach plaid linen. The simplicity pattern would look fresh as a little white dress for my almost teenager, and it comes in size 4 already.
SWAP wise I am working on a chocolate brown wool melton version of the V2925 jacket. Today I cut out fabric, underlining and lining, and will embark on interfacing tonight. I sewed a few seams to feel as if were getting somewhere - 2 part sleeve lining with french seams are now done.

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Marji said...

That's terrific that you have found a source for patterns that doesn't require weeks of shipping.
Glad to hear you're getting something done.

Just a word: I believe it was Shannon Gifford (a well respected sewing authority who teaches seminars and also teaches online at Pattern Review) cautioned against over interfacing everything we make. If you get a chance to do some snoop shopping in some very high end retail stores you'll find the jacket construction is soft.
I made a jacket for last years SWAP using a silk tweed, much like the one I think you want to use for your wardrobe jacket. My review is here where I detail the process. Sof-knit is a very soft lightweight fusible. I had no issues with the adhesive bleeding through the twill, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.