Monday, 10 March 2008

v2925 skirt part 3

The wonderful skirt from V2925 uses a lot of fabric.There is very little instant gratification involved in my acquisition of fabric. I order most of my fabric on-line, and then I have to wait for it to arrive. Most purchases are posted very quickly, but we are relying on rural postage here. When I have an urge to make a skirt on a Saturday afternoon, I need to visit my stash. This piece, an Indonesian cotton batik from Ewan Gardam fabrics (a visit to Brisbane = fabric shopping ), is around 2.3 m long, and not quite 112cm wide, but I squeezed a long version of the V2925 skirt (my third)from it. First I trimmed the side seam flare as suggested by Morzel in her review of the V2925 skirt. I took this to extremes, and removed nearly the entire flare at both the side seam and the front and back side seam of the side piece in order to fit the skirt on to the fabric. Naturally, this removed a lot of the fullness, so I added a godet (see above) to the side seams to replace some fullness. I needed to use the cross grain for this, but the print is small, and quite busy, so I do not feel that this detracts from the skirt, or is noticeable to anyone except seamstresses.
I wore this skirt with a top from V2925 to the farmer's markets on Sunday morning and found it very comfortable and light to wear. It was rather windy, so I have shown a photograph of the skirt on the hanger as well so that the shape and fullness is easier to see.
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Commonly Cheap said...

Stumbled in and just wanted to say hi. Lovely skirt, keep up the great work!

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a little sewing on the side said...

lovely! It's amazing how a garment comes to life on the person. That is a very cute go-to-market outfit!

Nancy W. said...

Like you, I tend to order a lot of fabric on line. There just isn't that much to offer here - surprising since we are only a few hours away from Los Angeles. I'm going to PR weekend on this Friday and looking forward to doing some fabric shopping. I like your blog