Monday, 10 March 2008

v2925 skirt part 2

After making a knee length version of the skirt, I was ready to try one in wool.
Where I live, the climate is subtropical, and hot for most of the year, but as we live inland, we do have winter. This lasts about 6 weeks, and involves chilly evenings, nights and mornings. At this time of year, my husband is heavily involved in putting on a music festival, and all the events associated with this seem to be held outdoors, many at night. This is my excuse for making a woollen skirt suit. I think I will wear it, and will definitely enjoy making it. I bought 8m of chocolate wool melton from When I bought the fabric I read "thin woollen fabric suitable for suits, skirts pants, jackets" on the description. I was a bit worried when I borrowed Sandra Betzina's book "Fabric Frenzy" from the library and read that wool melton is very heavy stiff fabric and can only be used in simple jacket and coat styles, but this is not the case for this particular melton. The fabric is fine in texture, and quite thin. The surface appears a little felted, but it has a very soft drape. I hand washed the wool with pure soap and a drop or two of eucalptyus oil, and lay it out to dry on blankets in the back yard, much to the amusement of my neighbour, who wants to know if I am sewing a tent. I like the hand of the fabric, and found it lovely to sew.
I cut out the skirt with the full side flares, and longer than the pattern, as I have plenty of fabric. What I had forgotten about was lining fabric. I do have some on order from Gorgeous Fabrics, but could not wait to sew the skirt ( sewing urgency is a bit of a problem for me), so used a remnant of lavender satin backed crepe/crepe backed satin? that was bought to make mermaid costumes for my daughters. It is a heavy fabric with a lovely texture, but not nearly long enough! (see picture left). As I had already fitted the pattern with my trial version there was very little adjusting to do. The side seams were a little pouchy over the hips, so I took them in a bit (see above). The waist was a little loose. I did nothing about this, as it still sits well at the hips, and I will probably wear tops over the waist. (see below).
I am very pleased with this pattern. I feel tall and elegant (it is all relative) wearing this skirt, and want to wear it now! It is too hot to wear at the moment, so I am making another one.. watch this blog.
( I also need to buy some brown winter shoes, if only I hadn't spent all my (self imposed) allowance on fabric.......)

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