Monday, 10 March 2008

V2925 skirt part one

When Evaposted about her V2925 skirt made in wool crepe at target="_blank">Stitcher's Guild, I instantly wanted to make one, as hers looks fabulous. I have learned my lesson, however, and knew that I should first fit, and second make a trial version before cutting into any fabric that I would be sad about if I ruined.
I decided to use my second piece of stretch woven cotton lycra for the trial version. This was not cheap fabric, but I had a dismal failure making V8305 pants from a caramel coloured piece of fabric that I bought at the same time, from the same shop, and had just over 2 m of chocolate brown looking at me every time I rifle through my stash, reminding me of my horrible sewing experience, not a feeling I like!
I bought this for pants, so there was not nearly enough fabric for this skirt. First I trimmed around 15cm from the side piece flare, as suggested by Eva in herreview of this pattern (it is very nice of Eva to think all this through and post about it so that I don't have to come up with ideas myself). There was still not nearly enough fabric, so I took yet another tip from Eva, and looking at the picture she put up of V8461, saw that this envelope shows a knee length version of a very similar skirt. I do not usually wear this length skirt, as I truly love long and disguising skirts, but decided that I had nothing to lose (well, maybe a few kilos), and went ahead with a shorter version.
I started by tracing out a pattern with size 12 waist and size 16 hips, which is where I started with the pants. I found when tissue fitting, that this was too big at the waist and the hips, and scaled down to 10 and 14. When I constructed the skirt, I found that it was pouchy at the hips, so I took in the side front seam, and trimmed the pattern for next time (see photo above). I put in a single dart at both centre back pieces, then trimmed the tissue at the back side seams to match this for next time. My other changes were very minor. I put the centre back seam just inside the selvage, which I did not trim, for added stability. I interfaced the zipper area, again for stability (all fabrics and interfacing are pre washed, so I do not expect shrinkage), and I used an invisible zip. I did not line this skirt, as I want to wear it soon, in warm weather, and the fabric is thick.
Below is a photo of the skirt worn with the V2925 jacket, that I am still hoping to replace, and one of the V2925 tops. I love the skirt pattern. I am making more versions - see the next post.

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