Saturday, 8 March 2008

not sewing, knitting

I have been sewing, but I keep being distracted. Knitting and cooking mainly (of the fun distractions, I won't mention that W..k word, let alone the H..w..k) word. I have just finished a pair of pink and purple stripey socks, probably for my sister, and started on a pair of cabled black socks for my husband, he requested plain black, but I sweet talked him into cables, as I find plain black too boring to knit, I am one down, one to go on these. The pile at the bottom of the photograph is a quick and easy cardiagan knit from wool/cotton bulky Sirdar yarn. This is for me, and may go into my SWAP if I am too unhappy with the jacket in another month. The jumper at the top is for my son (sweater if you are North American). I am having fun with a Mr Men pattern from Handmade magazine at his request. Most of the knitting is done whilst waiting for children, so I produce a reasonable amount for such a slow knitter.
Sewing - I am working on the V2925 skirt. I love this pattern. I have made several versions, but all await finishing. Pictures tomorrow I hope.
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