Sunday, 13 April 2008


I am not quite sure of the right way to respond to comments on my blog. I am really pleased and flattered to get some feedback on my projects, especially as it is all very kind, and from people with such terrific blogs! Thank you. I find it amazing that someone other than myself actually reads my blog occasionally. I did start it for my own records and so I can look back at my projects when I have forgotten how I did something. It is so nice to realize that there are other people in the world who are fascinated with sewing as an art and a craft. The smocked dress for myself was a bit of an experiment, as my experience is all in smocking children's garments. I was not sure if the smocking would look juvenile, or worse, fattening, in an adult garment, as there is a lot of fabric to manipulate. I am pleased with how the dress turned out, and am thinking of some other projects. I have seen a pretty blouse on solosmocker's blog "La sewista", but as she is a slim, petite lady, she can get away with a lot more fabric than a curvaceous person like myself.

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Shannon said...

I think your smocked dress is incredible and it looks great on you! I actually like your dress better than the dresses on the pattern envelope. I hope you'll do more adult smocking.

Shannon F