Monday, 14 April 2008

SWAPS 2 and 3

I spent all yesterday with my daughter, taking photographs and trying to decide which garments to include in my SWAPS. I think the SWAP concept is fantastic, but looking at the garments, the extra restrictions required for the Timmel SWAP, and my own self imposed restrictions, are very confining, and I think I could have made a better wardrobe without them, just focussing on matching garments. Howevever, judging by my past record of sewing for myself - 2 to 3 garments before going off on a tangent and sewing for someone else - this challenge was exactly what I needed to get some clothes in my wardrobe. My DH keeps telling me how good it is to see me in some new clothes, so I think this is a very big hint that I should continue expanding the SWAP. There are some garments I could definitely improve on, and I really need some brown winter shoes!
I have sent my photos to Julie, and she has emailed back that she is confused, I have already entered my SWAP. I hope I can enter my own SWAPs, not just my daughter's, as I am very pleased with myself for finishing all these clothes and want to be on the show and tell page with everyone else.
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Shannon said...

You do have a great new wardrobe - you must be so pleased!

Alexandra said...

Great pictures - I love how they show off all your pieces! That's some new wardrobe! I am envious.

Nancy W. said...

Just lovely! Your collection looks like it should be in Coldwater Creek or JJill! I know I am always sick of wardrobe by the time I finish one, but It's so wonderful to have so many things that work well together. I love the dress in your last post, by the way. The smocking really adds a nice touch - and it doesn't look juvenile at all.

Miriam said...

I'm sure Julie will be thrilled to realize you've completed two swaps - and will want to show them both.
I really like everything you've made but the smocked dress for you and for your daughter really are special! Thanks for sharing things on your blog.