Friday, 25 April 2008

PJs and rashie vest

The silk blouse did not get a look in. After a pyjama audit, we discovered that the pyjamas would need to be made for DD#1. There was sufficient fabric for one pair, and she had one winter nightie, and one pair of fitting pyjamas, verses DD#2 with 2 pairs and 2 of last year's too short nightshirts that would be great as pyjamas with a pair of pink pj pants.
  The pyjamas are made from a donated cotton flannel (thanks Mum)using a girls size 14 elastic waist pants pattern graded up to a 16 (only just big enough, fortunately she's slim) using drawstring elastic at the waist. The top is from the same McCalls pattern I used for my bias blouse in the SWAP, so this is proving a versatile pattern.
  The other project this week was a rashie top for DS. This pattern is a real T&T. I bought it at least 10 years ago at a market stall from a lady selling knit fabric. I have made rashie tops in all sizes from toddler to adult, and when we travelled to the Whitsundays last year I made swim pants for the whole family instead of stinger suits so that we could snorkel without fear of irukandji. You can see that I have added a front zip to the neck. This is to allow easy dressing for my son. He finds it easier to get the rashie on with a zip. I don't put a zip in for the girls or for adult sizes. I have sewn a little triangle of fabric at the bottom of the zip, as my son wanted a top like his Dad's, which is a RTW sunshirt with this design detail. Naturally the zip went in perfectly with no bubble at the bottom, solely because I was putting this piece at the bottom as a design feature! I have used 50+ UV rated chlorine resistant lycra from stretchtex for the rashie. This fabric is terrific, and lasts extremely well. Stretchtex is the manufacturer of Speedo swimsuit fabric, and charge only $1 per metre more than wholesale for retail purchases. I am very impressed with this company.
This pattern is styled as rash shirts were 10 years ago - very close fitting to be worn under wetsuits. Currently, they are worn looser for general use. My son, aged 5 and not terribly big for his age is wearing a child's size 8 with the sleeves made a little wider (about 2cm each side) than the pattern.

I still plan to make a silk blouse. However, during the pyjama audit, I found that DD#2 does not have a sun top to wear kayaking next weekend. It is too warm for her to wear a rashie whilst paddling (DS is not up to paddling 15km yet, but the DDs have their own kayaks), so I am making her a 50+ microtex top to replace her outgrown one. She was keeping me company sewing, and made her doll a skirt from the pyjama fabric scraps. She did such a good job, that I suggested she make something for herself and she got all excited. Today we traced, cut out and sewed the leg seams of a pair of microtex knit pants for her travel SWAP. Whilst she was working on this, I made her a long sleeved t shirt to match. She is extremely pleased with her progress, and I am impressed with how well she is doing. I may have some competition for my sewing machine!
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Vicki said...

Hi Karen, I have just spent the best part of this morning checking out your 3 SWAPS. WOW, great work! How did you get so much done? They are all so fabulous but I think I like DD's best of all. You have done some beautiful work with the embroidery, smocking, beading. Lovely!! Good luck :))

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It's very hard to find just the right pattern and fabric for "active" wear. How lucky you found both:)Great job. Your sons top looks great as does the pj's.