Saturday, 26 April 2008

Travel Wardrobe

The next project is for DD#2. Today I made her a wicking, microtex UV50+ sun top to wear kayaking, in pink and taupe. She finished her knit trousers - made from the same taupe fabric, and we realised that we had started her travel wardrobe. Lucky DD#2 is travelling to France in July, with my Mum. I made her a long sleeved knit top from the same fabric, and we mixed and matched. She already has a lawn tiered crinkle skirt with these colours, a pair of Pumpkin Patch quick dry long boardshorts, and a light fleece hoodie from REI. Next she wants to make a quick dry t shirt from the pink microtex, and I will make her a sweetheart top. My other project today was to make a running top for my sister.
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