Sunday, 27 April 2008

Timmel SWAP

The Timmel SWAP 2008 is posted. I spent all yesterday evening looking at all the fabulous entries.

I am really keen to find some new blouse patterns, but unfortunately most of my favourites are self drafted, pattern drafting software, vintage or OOP. Maybe this is why I am still looking for a new blouse pattern!

I am also looking very closely at the use of colour and pattern in the SWAPs. There are some very smart SWAPs in the colours that are easy to find in RTW and fabric - red/white/black, black/grey/white, black/white, blue/white. These look good on other people, not me. I also think that people successfully using more complicated or unusual colour and pattern combinations have a much more personalized wardrobe. Although I think I like classic clothes, I find the little black dress and the plain white shirt rather dull. Perhaps if I were better at accessories I might think differently. I know that when I started my first SWAP with 3 cream blouses I felt unbelievably bored with them and did not wear them for about 2 weeks after finishing. When I made a beige and cream patterned blouse I wore it straight away and felt well

I am most drawn to the colour combinations that I think might suit me. I know that these are harder to find in both RTW and in fabrics, and much more difficult to match to each other successfully than those in the black/white/red camp. There are some fabulous wardrobes that I would like to borrow from particularly for the colours. I am thinking of terracotta, dull orange and purple (not together)- this sounds very adventurous for someone who has just sewn 9m of brown wool flannel. I hope it is not an over-reaction. I thought sewing a knit dress in a loud print might dull this yearning for colour, but I may need a few more loud clothes before I can return to drab and classic. Fortunately children look great in brights.
I am also thinking about accessories. I definitely need smart shoes.


Shannon said...

Aah, colour - I love colour!! Although it works well for other people, I could not live with a black and white wardrobe. Besides the fact that black and white makes me look dead, it makes me sad and bored. But, colour peps me up. And usually it has to be rich, saturated colour - I'm never as drawn to pastels (although I must say there is a soft spot in my heart for all the oatmeal, cream and taupe shades).

Looking at your SWAP photos, I notice that you look great in your coloured pieces. I absolutely adore the colour of the smocked dress on you - it is so flattering. From what I see, I think you look wonderful in muted natural colours (moss green, peach, nutmeg) that have a grey undertone. I don't see these colours as drab, but rather as earthy and soothing.

I look forward to seeing where your colour yearning leads you!

Vicki said...

Some of those red/black/white swaps are great but they don't suit all of us - me included. In fact when I go shopping and see a range of clothing in those colours I am repulsed a bit. (because they don't suit me). Red can be ok as can even black but NEVER the white I am a "soft autumn". Perhaps you are too.

Shannon's swap is full of colour and every item looks fab on her.

For you, you have lots of clothes that now swap, so why not just make some stand alone pieces in some great colours? I am not much of a swap person as I would get bored (but not with Shannon's). Mini wardrobes are good - just a few things that match.

Alexandra said...

I am one of those people who could wear black/gray/white/red all day every day and look great. Muted colors make me look like death warmed over.

I know what you mean about being drawn to SWAPs with colors similar to our own. I had fun checking out all the SWAPs and I noticed that the ones with colors I don't wear took me a little longer - it was harder for me to envision all the combinations because my eyes are not used to working with those colors.

I think the important thing is that the SWAP colors suit the participant. Harmony makes both the wearer and the clothes look better.