Monday, 28 April 2008

Jalie Sweetheart Top hits another SWAP

I used this pattern, the Jalie sweetheart top, in all my official SWAPs, and now here it is again in DD's travel SWAP. I am finding this pattern extremely useful and am so pleased that I bought it from Julie at Timmel Fabrics as part of my SWAP purchase. These versions are size O, with a cap sleeve, made in pale pink and darker pink microtex 50+ UV rated wicking technical fabric. I made my Mum a long sleeved version in navy for her trip to China, where she is volunteering with a medical charity group, and she is really pleased with it as a travel garment, as it is comfortable to wear in hot or cool weather, and washes and dries overnight, so I am making a lot of the travel SWAP from this fabric. I have added a tiny bit of embroidery to each top , both for interest, and to add another colour to each garment. There are dark pink lazy daisies with brown french knot centres on the pale top, and pale pink bullion roses and rose buds on the dark top. The leaves are all detached chain in green on both tops.
The next garment is a lightweight cotton dress. I am making this from a print with all these colours, taupe and 2 pinks, and making the dress as a sundress that can also be worn over a short sleeved or long sleeved top. I have drafted the bodice to sit just below the sweetheart top neckline, so hope this works as an outfit. I am having to restrain myself from piping the neckline and armholes, as this would make the garment slower to dry.  
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Alexandra said...

What a cute top! You're getting some serious mileage out of that pattern.