Sunday, 11 May 2008

Knitting socks

 Here is the knitting project I have recently finished. I took the last sock kayaking last weekend, and finished it off whilst we were away. These socks were a special request from my husband. He only likes black socks, but agreed to the insertion of a cable to save me from terminal boredom. I am quite pleased with my cable, this is the first time I have altered a knitting pattern, and I do not think I have done too badly. Unfortunately, I also started these socks whilst away on a kayaking weekend, and took the wrong size needles - 3.25mm, and they are a bit loose. I washed them in very hot water today, and hopefully they have shrunk a little.
  These socks are my current portable project. The wool is 4ply Patonyle, and the socks are pretty simple, rib, stocking stitch, a knit, slip over purl reinforced heel and toe, and a rib section in the foot. The wool is self patterning stripes.
  I just bought this yarn from an Australian on-line shop called Yarnomart. I wanted to try a corn based yarn, as I have read that it knits rather like cotton, but feels more soft. Each ball reportedly makes an average size adult sock. The balls look tiny to me. I love the colours, but may try a toe - up pattern for the first time, in order to make the most of each ball without running out of yarn. I also need to source some new dp needles. My local shop has 2mm, which I bought, then the next available size is 3mm, which I already have and are using. I want 2.5 and 2.75mm needles in order to knit fancier socks. I still cannot convince the proprietor to stock sock yarn.

Sewing today was minimal. I cut out the Jalie shorts variation for my daughter, then lost all inspiration. Instead I cleaned out my wardrobe, I have a big bag of rags, a big bag for the op shop, including 2 items from my SWAPS - I have decided I will no longer wear clothes that I do not find flattering even if I have nothing left to wear - this should force me to sew more for myself (I am not counting pants, this garment genre is a lost cause I think). All my winter things are back on the shelves, although I haven't stored my swimmers yet. It was cold in the evenings this week, I think that is why I feel like knitting.
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