Saturday, 10 May 2008

Gortex jacket post#2

I finished sewing the green Gortex jacket today. It is modelled here by my older daughter, as my younger daughter did not fancy modelling today. This has caused some claim jumping, as the jacket fits my 13 year old nicely, although it was constructed with my 10 year old in mind, as I allowed some growing room!
This shows the sleeve closure. In the Green Pepper pattern, the sleeve is finished with elastic in a self casing. I have chosen this alternative for several reasons. 1. The degree of tightness can be varied, according to the size of the wrist, and whether or not garments are worn underneath. 2.The sleeve is a little too long for my younger daughter, and this closure allows her to hike up the sleeve when needed. 3/ This is how the sleeve closes on my jacket, and I find it useful, and comfortable, and the sleeve can be left open for a more urban look. There is a velcro closure at both the tight position (5cm long, allowing variation) and at the loose position (2cm long)
I changed the pocket construction. I added one zip closing internal pocket, and one internal velcro closing pocket. The fabric is "breathable" nylon. The pockets are attached at jacket seamlines (breast pocket) and within the seamlines of the external pocket (internal hip pocket) so that I do not have to seal additional seams to maintain waterproofing.
The external pockets are also a little different. I folded the front fabric to allow more pocket capacity. I would have done this vertically, but did not have enough fabric. The pockets are smaller than I would have liked to make them, again due to lack of fabric (I should have made this jacket in a size 12 when I first ordered the fabric, then there would have been plenty). When attaching the pocket, I formed an additional side opening pocket between the jacket and the top opening patch pocket.

I did not apply the waist casing and cord, as my daughter felt the jacket looks better without it. I have kept the waist band in reserve in case she changes her mind, or the jacket prooves too subject to drafts after she has used it a few times.

This is not my favourite type of sewing, but I feel that I have made a useful and practical garment that will be much more comfortable than a raincoat I could buy for the price of the materials used. Next I plan a pair of jeans style shorts in "breathable" polyester for my daughter's travel wardrobe. I have traced out the Jalie 968 jeans pattern in her size, Q, and hope to make them tomorrow. Tonight I plan to knit easy stocking stitch stripey socks and to have a glass of red! This has not been a good sewing week, and I am perculating a plan for an embellished garment that I can really get my teeth into, not too much more ultra practical clothing. I fancy using an Indonesian batik sarong length that I bought this week to make a blouse, more about this later.

I need to apply waterproofing seam sealant to the jacket tomorrow.
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Janine said...

Great jacket. I have some dry japara I want to make into Jalie's snowboard pants, but have been concerned about waterproofing the seams. What have you used on the jacket seams to seal them, and is it available in Aus?