Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Tagged by Vicki

How much fun to be checking my emails and be sent to my bookshelf. Vicki, aka hongkongshopper has tagged me, which asks me to pick up the nearest book, turn to page 123, and post the 6th, 7th and 8th sentence.

Unfortunately for me, being an avid reader, mostly of novels, the nearest books are a reference shelf, mostly purchases by my husband. Without being too pedantic about distance, I can choose from 8 boat and kayak building books, 15 other woodworking books, a bookbinding text, an engineering text, a energy conservation house construction book and the Oxford Shorter English Dictionary. I did peek at a few page 123s and they are mostly very dull and full of diagrams. I have resorted to the dictionary, because I rather like the intricacies of language, and the Shorter English Dictionary was one of the few books on the shelf that belong to me.
aryballos....a globular flask with a narrow neck used to hold oil or ungent.
aryl...Any radical derived from an aromatic hydrocarbon by removal of a hydrogen atom.
arytenoid...Designating, pertaining to, or associated with either of two pyramidal cartilages situated at the back of the larynx and articulating with the cricoid.
I think aryl will be a great scrabble word.

I also need to identify the tagger (Vicki), and tag 5 other people. EEK, what if they don't like being tagged? I have been reading blogs since January or February, and tend to lurk, which I think I should overcome when I have something to say! However, I will gird my loins and tag some bloggers whom I haven't yet noticed being tagged with this particular request. These are sewing blogs that I like to read.
Eva- a wonderful SWAP participant who picks lots of patterns I like, and tries them out before I do, saving me lots of work!
Shannon F, who smocks beautifully, and has a gorgeous daughter of prime smocking wearing age, I am jealous.
Alexandra, who sews gorgeous clothes and is a wizz at pattern morphing and wrestling with wildginger
Robin, a talented multiple SWAPper with a terrific eye for the perfect patterned fabric and enviable mastery of PMB
Ann, who can match plaids perfectly, has a great neu mode collection, and is kind enough to comment on my blog occasionally.

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a little sewing on the side said...

Karen, I just realized you tagged me!
LOL! I am sooo behind on my internet surfing this week. The nearest book to me is "Let's Get Comfortable- How to Furnish and Decorate a Welcoming Home" by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.
Page 123 has a gorgeous picture of a dining room I'd like to have! And no sentences.

Thank you for your kind comments about my sewing. I admire your sewing, and smocking and embroidery!!