Thursday, 22 May 2008

Storyboard beginnings and finished socks

I have been trying to make a storyboard for my June Capsule entry at stitcher's guild. I have not progressed terribly far. This is it, a blouse coloured in with my print. I also have purchased some dark denim fabric with a brown underlay "dirty denim" and some red topstitching thread for a co-ordinating knee length denim skirt, but have not managed to make a picture of this yet. The storyboard is very time consuming! I am not sure what the other 2 items will be, but am planning to make a hat for my accessory.
I did not do any sewing last weekend as we were away, but I did knit. Here are the socks, nothing fancy, as I was knitting in the car. The wool is self striping 4 ply patonyle.


I did cut out a dress last night, the vogue wrap dress. I would like to wear it out tomorrow evening, but will only have a few hours to sew tomorrow, maybe 2, so am not sure that I can make it in time. I used some silk jersey from Gorgeous fabrics, I thought I had plenty, and could make the dress longer, but had foolishly forgotten that the fabric was 115cm wide, not 150cm like the fabric I used for this dress previously, so it is another short version, and I will have to piece the ties. I have also started to knit a wrap to wear with the dress as I have some ribbon yarn that matches perfectly. There is no way I will finish this by tommorrow, but I am going to a girlfriend's house for coffee tomorrow morning, and can knit whilst I am chatting. This I think is the great advantage of knitting over sewing!
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