Wednesday, 25 June 2008

McCall's Layette 7367, pattern morphing to meringue dress #2


After I made the meringue top for my daughter, I received an enthusiastic email from my SIL about the inspiration dress on JC Crew. Of course, this meant that I needed another pattern, and I do have baby raglan patterns. This McCall's layette pattern is possibly my most used pattern. I bought it when I was expecting my first baby, and have made dozens of the nightgown/daygown in size preemie (fits a 7lb newborn beautifully) and newborn (fits a 6-12 week old). I think I have made every piece at least once, can make the nappy cover in my sleep (or after that pesky 3am feed which ensured I was up for the day - or is that the same thing? a skill I achieved after the 50th version) and have made lots of hats and leggings as part of baby gifts. The pattern is for knits only, but I have successfully made the gown many times in woven cotton, so did not anticipate any trouble in converting the pattern to a woven baby dress. This time I have made 2 ruffle dresses, one for my youngest niece, whom is about to turn 1, and another in newborn size for another niece whom is expected to appear in September.
Essentially, I used the method described by Lyra in her post on the children's board at Stitcher's Guild. I cut out the front and back around 2 inches from the fold for the newborn size, and 3 inches for the 1 year old size. I also cut the neck 1.5cm lower for both dresses. I then pleated the garment back to slightly smaller then the original pattern piece. I pleated it smaller as the original garment is gathered slightly at the neck by the ribbing neckband. I also altered the pattern by moving the opening to the back, and finishing this with a bound placket. The dress closes with a button and loop. I have made the 1 year old dress to more of a tunic length, as crawling and learning to walk are easier in this style of garment. I plan to make coordinating pants for my niece to wear underneath.
Here is the finished new born size dress. I have pleated the lower sleeve as well, bound the neckline and sleeve hems with bias, and finished the skirt with a rolled hem. Bias cut batiste ruffles are cut to 3x the diameter of the hem and the neckband, finished with a rolled hem, sewn in a circle for the hem, gathered and sewn down the middle.
I think this is my new favourite baby gift. I hope everyone has girls!
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Lindsay T said...

That dress is adorable! So much nicer than anything you'd find in a store.

Jessie said...

I received this pattern used and am missing page 1 and 2 of the instructions. I don't know if there is anyway you can help. I have also contacted mccalls, but your blog post came up in a search. Thanks

Jessie said...

Thank you so much for getting back yo me. I needed pg 1... but on inspection found pattern pieces missing. It was a well used pattern of my mom-in-laws. I ended up using a bunting pattern I had lying around.
Thank you again for your help.