Monday, 9 June 2008

Simplicity 5220 shorts, JCC???

Here is the Simplicity 9461 blouse morph from yesterday with today's effort - a short version of the capri pants from Simplicity 5220. In the interests of continued stashbusting and the need for quick dry, no crush travel items, these knee length shorts are made from a left over piece of chocolate brown medium weight stretch woven cotton (I think). This fabric is around 5 years old, and I am sorry to tell you that I am still wearing the original construction from this fabric - a pair of wide legged pants that are an old faithful in my work wardrobe. I have morphed this pattern by 1. making the garment knee length, rather than calf length (fabric restrictions), and altering the waist. I have finished the waist by applying a length of woven selvage to the waist of the pants, turning over to the inside and topstitching, rather than the facing called for by the pattern. This should make the shorts dry more quickly, and also stabilizes the waist more than a facing in the same stretch fabric would have. I have stabilized the crotch seam by adding a strip of selvage again, and have used an invisible zip at the back, rather than a regular zip. To co-ordinate with the other garments in the travel wardrobe, I have used one of the under used embroidery stitches on my machine, and stitched a row of flowers alternating with leaves in pink thread on the hems.
The next construction today, was a second pair of these knee length shorts. This fabric is stashbusting as well. Again these are the remnants from work pants, but at about 8 years old, the originals bit the dust some time ago. The fabric is a dark olive green stretch cotton. The construction changes are very similar to the brown pair, but this time I have bound the leg hems with a scrap from the blouse fabric. I have also embroidered 3 rough heart shapes on the left leg, using pink thread and the same flower and leaf repeat stitch. My daughter is quite pleased with the clothes, and I hope I have finished her travel wardrobe, although I am still thinking about another tank top and possibly a new pair of pjyamas.....
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