Friday, 20 June 2008

Vogue 9106 Children's jacket

I made sweatshirts, skirts and trousers from this pattern several times when my daughters were between sizes 2 and 5, up to about 5 years ago, but had not revisited it recently. However, I have a new wonderful plan of not stashing small yardages of scrap fabric, so wanted to use the remnants from the polar fleece robe I made the other day, and the top from this pattern looked like a good option for the left overs. I made a size 4 for my son, who wears around a size 5 in RTW. This pattern runs large, possibly because it is intended to be worn over several layers, rather than over one layer, as is possible in Queensland. ( I am feeling weather superior today as I spent a beautiful warm winter day outside at my son's sports carnival, but I digress, back to sewing)
My son was not overly co-operative with photography. He insisted on posing only whilst on his new, not yet completed, billy cart, and you can see that the collar is not turned out. This is a great pity, as it matched perfectly. He is not inclined to have another photograph taken, so you will have to take my word for it.
I have made view A, but changed the pattern so that the top unzips fully, rather than just to the middle of the chest, as this makes a more versatile garment for variable temperatures.
In order to emphasise the slightly interesting construction of this top, I have used a folded over strip of swimwear lycra, grey, in the top arm seams, around the neck seam at the collar, the horizontal mid chest and back seam and also at the center front on either side of the zipper. This same fabric was used to bind the sleeve hems, rather than have a loose sleeve. I found the zip was difficult to insert without distorting the fabric. I did not want to use interfacing, so instead hand basted the zip, ensuring that the chest seams matched horizontally, then restitched in the ditch between the fleece and the lycra in order to add strength to the zipper insterion seams. The plan for this jacket is for rough play in the back yard. This was a quick, easy project, and I think has made useful play clothes. I like remnants, I feel as if I have just made some free clothes.
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