Sunday, 22 June 2008

V7903 blouse fitting #2blouse again

I finished the second attempt at V7903 this morning. This blouse has the narrow shoulder adjustment and the "sway back" adjustment that I posted about a few days ago. Unfortunately, I have made a very foolish choice of fabric. This is a crinkle cotton that has been languishing in my stash for around 3 years. I bought it because I love the colour, but had not been able to decide what to make with it. It was a real nuisance to sew, as every horizontal seam grew under the needle as the crinkles flattened out. In addition, I was unable to fiercely press the seams and darts without distorting the fabric, and when worn, the blouse expands! This will make it very comfortable to wear whilst doing housework (note that the blouse may not be allowed out of the house due to lack of sartorial elegance, well maybe to do the school run if I am desperate. I am hoping that the hems will re-crinkle after washing, as they look stretched out to me at the moment. I do not think I will try crinkle fabric again and I think it is back to the cutting table for fitting.
The side view really shows the problems, despite all the darts, this blouse appears to hang on the bust. I do not need all this room for my belly. I appear to have dreadful posture here, and this is all the blouse's fault.
The back view looks a bit funny at the shoulders too. I am running out of fixing ideas.
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Melinda said...

I love crinkle fabric, although I have to admit that I've only bought finished garments, I haven't sewn it.

When you wash it, hold it at the collar so it hangs straight down, then twist it tightly all the way to the bottom. Let it curl up on itself and tie it in a knot. Let it dry like that, and your hems should be lovely and crinkly again. It'll probably fit a little more flatteringly too after a wash and crinkle dry!

I think it's a great top, the colour looks really good on you!

Nancy W. said...

K - I feel your pain as I am going through almost the same fitting issues as you are with a NL blouse. Your fit is looking much better than mine though at this point. Just a little bigger FBA and I think you'll have it. I really like this blouse on you.

MareeAlison said...

I really like the fabric and the colour and I quite like how it looks from the front - but I see what you mean by the side view. A lot of people seem to shy away from SB's patterns because they just don't fit them. I've heard that a few times. Having said that I felt as if I wanted to reach through the screen and move the blouse forwards over your shoulders to your front. I know that's simplistic but if you pull it forwards at the shoulders does it sit better front and back then? I'm not sure even if it did, how you would convert that to the pattern. Sorry. Not helpful am I.

Vicki said...

Well, looking at the side on view you can see that the back is pulling away from the neck and your shoulder line is a bit too far back. Could be due to needing a bigger FBA (and then more contour darts under the bust to bring it back to your body). Or maybe moving the shoulder seem more forward so it does not pull to the back. Fit for Real People does cover the issue of tops pulling to the back. HTH.

Linda said...

I was thinking of you and this blouse last night. I have been trying to fit SB's Tee when I realized that she has a slight forward shoulder adjustment built into the blouse. You can tell by where the shoulder dot is on the armhole. Hers is drafted for a slight forward shoulder. Perhaps if you took out her adjustment for this, your problems would disappear. I'm thinking of trying it on my tee. But seeing how knit tee patterns are a dime a dozen, I may just move onto another pattern. I wanted to point this out to though because I don't know if there is another pattern out there like this blouse. HTH