Sunday, 6 July 2008

June Capsule, Vogue 8379 wrap top

the wrap top I made for the June Capsule is morphed from the popular very easy vogue wrap dress pattern 8379. I have previously made 2 versions of the dress, and find them comfortable and flattering to wear. I love the bargello print from Fashionista Fabrics, and had considered making a dress from this fabric, but felt that horizontal stripes should be restricted to my upper half. (also I had used some of the fabric for a jalie sweetheart top). I did not work very hard on the dress pattern to turn it into this top. I had already fitted the bodice with a FBA and widening the sleeve, and have posted about this earlier. This time, I again used view B, without the collar, and lengthening the arms, this time to the wrist, and eliminated the cuff. I lengthened and widened the ties. For the lower part of the bodice, I initially cut out the skirt to the lengthen lines, with a stripe placed at the hem, but this was not successful, being too long and sticking out at the sides. I shortened the "skirt", straightened the side seams, and fiddled about until I had a length I liked. This was much shorter than I initially expected.
In the upper bodice, I did not cut out the fronts on the bias, because I wanted the stripes to remain horizontal. I was a bit worried that this would affect the fit or drape, but it seems to me to have made no difference. I finished the neckline and fronts by turning the fabric once over 3mm swimwear elastic, which I stretched slightly, as this bargello lace type knit has less stretch than the fabrics I have used previously to make this pattern.
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MareeAlison said...

Hi there - do you have any photos of your wrap dresses. Perhaps there are some on your reviews on PR. I'll check there. I bought the pattern last week and have been trying to get to it. I saw it first at a sewing seminar at my local SM store and I think the woman who sewed it didn't include the linings but just turned it under and coverstitched it. I may try that but I'm not sure how it'll work with the large facing built into the skirt front. So I'm procrastinating. I really like your top though. :)