Friday, 22 August 2008

Jumper from Handmade magazine

At the beginning of winter, I showed my son some jumper patterns from Handmade magazine. There were articles over several years in the early 90's featuring 2 classic jumper patterns in sizes 2-5, with variations including fair isle, and intarsia picture designs. I have a " Best of Handmade" book published in 1994 which includes the "top twenty" of these designs, and there is different "Best of Handmade" book in my local library with another "top twenty" but the ones he really liked were from a series featuring characters from popular children's books. These particular patterns are from a folder full of torn out magazine pages of knitting and crocheting designs that I bought at a second hand book sale. The magazine issue is not printed on the pages I have, but I guess it is from the same era. The characters included Barbar, Spot, Misty and other Dick Braun characters, and also a Mr. Men jumper. My son fancied the Mr. Men jumper.
I finally finished the jumper this week, and gave it to him today with his other birthday presents.

He was quite pleased with it and put it on straight away after school.

Unfortunately, he felt that one photograph was sufficient.

He agreed to just one more, but does not really appear to be co-operating - What is it with photographs and the males in my family?
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Sue said...

The jumper is lovely and your little boy is gorgeous (even when he doesn't want his photo taken)... *sigh* mine have gone past that cute stage..

Lindsay T said...

Absolutely adorable!

Melinda said...

That's lovely!