Sunday, 21 September 2008

Marlene pants completed

I have finished the first wearable version of the Marlene pants from BWOF August 2008 - pants 105b. My review of this pattern is here



I think the remaining fitting issues are 1. Too much front thigh width addition. 2. Need for a further "sway back" adjustment below the waistband and 3. Possibly make slightly skinnier legs, although this may just be because I am not used to such wide pants. I think the wrinkling you can see at the front here is mostly the fabric. If I stand perfectly straight, the front is perfectly flat, and seems to fit very well.
I am sure these would look better with high heels, but these are destined to be work pants, so flats it is, and I have just changed the orphan status of this work blouse (blue grid on cream). This is a victory for my wardrobing project, although once again it shows me that I need more accesories, this time shoes and a belt.
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rosanne said...

Those look really good, I have to say! The effort of wardrobing is really worth it :)

Vicki said...

Congratulations, the hard work (muslining) has paid off. They look pretty good!!

Claudine said...

Very flattering! You did a great job.

RuthieK said...

Karen they look fabulous. And you look great in them, love the neat little blouse. A great work look.

Marji said...

I saw this on PR, and have been meaning to get over here and read about your finishing these pants.
You did a fabulous job on these! Congrats on your v professional looking welt pocket too.

katherine h said...

Those pants look great. I keep looking at the Burda WOF wide legged pants patterns...I haven't dived in myself yet, but yours certainly are inspirational.