Saturday, 20 September 2008

Castle Birthday Cake

Just to depart from sewing, this is what I have been doing instead. Here is my son's cake for the birthday party we hosted today. There were 23 five and six year olds, and 2 three year olds at the party, and I am a bit tired!

The cake is based on "Palace of dreams" from the Australian Womens'Weekly Kids Birthday Cakes book. I have used a round base, as I have lots of round cake tins and no square ones, and entirely different colours in order to make this a boy's cake. It took me 4 and 1/2 hours to prepare the chocolate drizzle ironmongery, tiles, and vines, and to ice the cake.(Longer than I expected, so the early morning timing was a bit tight). It was a huge success at the party, so it was worth it, I think.

The only problem I had was that the candles started melting the gates, and I had to run up the hall with the cake, desperately hoping that the cake would not fall off the plate, before the "ironwork" melted entirely!

There was some sewing associated with the party, and knitting. I made a knitted chain mail vest, and a sewn helmet, armour pants and gauntlets for my son's costume, but the photos I have so far all have lots of friends in them, and I don't think I should post photos of other people's children on my blog without checking first, so will write about the costume once I have individual shots.
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