Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Welt pocket - my first attempt

I am so grateful to Ann Rowley for posting a detailed photograph tutorial on welt pocket construction at the Marlene pants sew along . Today I made my first welt pocket, relying heavily on this tutorial, and I am pleased with it as a first attempt.




I can see a few issues for future attempts. First I have continued with my usual poor fabric choice problem. I borrowed Sandra Betzina's fabric book from the library again, and I think this mystery Michael's bundle fabric is cotton gabardine. Apparently it is difficult to ease, and does not hold pressing well. That describes this this fabric perfectly, so I will use this as an excuse for the dodgy left upper corner. I also think I need some new sewing scissors, as the points of mine no longer cut, due to being dropped on the floor by some unnamed children on too many occasions. This made the cutting out of the ending triangles a risky, and not entirely successful business. Despite this, I am now patting myself on the back for gaining a new sewing skill. Thanks Ann!
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Anonymous said...

WELL DONE!! Absolutely a sewing milestone - and it wasn't THAT hard, was it?! I think you should treat yourself to some new scissors in celebration!

Sew Passionista said...

I think your results are great! I've found through experience that now you have to make something else with welts so you don't foget what you've just learned or next time it will be like starting at the beginning again.
Happy Sewing.

Claudine said...

Woot! Woot! Well done.

LauraLo said...

Your welt pocket looks lovely. Ann's tutorial is great indeed.