Sunday, 14 September 2008

Marlene pants #3

I was quite pleased with the toile for the BWOF August 2008 pants #105. The photographs are of the toile after I added a dart to the central back waistband, both sides of the front waistband, and took in the side seams around 1cm all the way down. There is pulling at the front pleats, but I plan to deal with this by not stitching them down quite as far in the fashion fabric. There is a lot of fabric at the back thigh, but I think I need this for crouching down, and sitting on my heels. My work does not really allow for sartorial elegance or tight trousers. I am also inclined to think that I did not need both the sewing diva front thigh adjustment and the increased crotch depth at the front, as there seems to be excess fabric at the inner front thigh. I think I can live with this, especially as removing the front thigh sewing diva adjustment will require sewing another toile, and I just cannot be bothered at this stage. My next pants can be a wearable muslin. The fabric seems to be quite good quality, but is navy blue cotton twill from a Michael's Fabric bundle, and I do not really fancy navy blue. Fortunately I have several work blouses that will co-ordinate, but I am happy for the next attempt to be functional rather than gorgeous.


Here is a photograph comparing the size 40 original waistband pattern pieces (no seam allowances) to my new improved version (includes 1.5cm seam allowances). Tape measures do not tell the whole story!

I had hoped to sew up the pants today, but due to visitors, was only able to cut out the main fabric. (Fortunately, they were welcome visitors, or I would be feeling a bit cross about this :). My new goal is to have this pair made tomorrow, provided that I do not need to go to work.
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a little sewing on the side said...

Looking good! I am so happy this style has come back around. It's flattering, especially for those with a trim waistline, like yours.