Saturday, 13 September 2008

Marlene pants continued

I worked more on the Marlene pants from the August BWOF today. My mission today was to look at the crotch curve, as this seemed to be a problem with the Jalie jeans.
First I measured the front and back curves on me with a flexible ruler - my new toy from Spotlight.
Unfortunately, I found the measuring rather tricky, particularly the back curve, so took the average of 3 attempts.
I also measured the curves in sitting and standing, but as the sitting measurement was overall less than the standing, decided to stick with the standing measurement for the moment. I was unable to find out how much ease I should allow, despite having a lovely hour or two looking through my Stitches and Threads magazines (I kept being distracted, so I have just guessed.
Here is my front curve, compared to the pattern. I am decidedly odd in shape, and when I straightened out the ruler to approximate the pattern, it was exactly the same length as the standing (greater) measurement.
I added 2.5 cm to the pattern for ease. I chose to add this to the inner leg seam in order to give myself extra insurance for the front thighs.

The back curve was different to my measured shape also.

However, this time, the measurement was already 3.75 cm greater than the sitting (larger) back curve measurement, so I left the pattern as is.
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