Wednesday, 10 September 2008

BWOF 8-2008 Pants 105

A few weeks ago,Elizabeth at Stitchers' Guild started a sew along for these "Marlene" trousers from the August BWOF
Naturally, I did not have my August BWOF when the discussion started, but as I really need more trousers, and can use all the help I can get in making them, I thought I would join in late, once I received my magazine. These trousers have been a slow process so far. I have traced out the pattern, and tried tissue fitting per "Pants for real People". Unfortunately, not only do I always manage to tear the paper, but I really have no idea whether paper pinned together actually fits or not, other than the obvious - does it go around me? I decided that yes, the paper goes around me, but that the pattern is a bit tight across the backside and in the front thighs (no suprises here), and that following all the excellent advice from my Jalie jeans attempt, it would be worth trying out the new adjustment methods on these hopefully more forgiving pants.

First I reversed Ann Rowley's flat seat adjustment for my opposite problem.

Once I had done this, I thought the single dart was too big, so changed it to 2 darts. I hope this does not mess up the welt pocket marking, as I have not attempted a welt pocket before and would hate to make it crooked.

Next I added width to the front thigh. I did consider just making the pleat deeper and the whole leg wider all the way down, but decided that this was cheating and that I should try the sewing diva method.
I found the tissue changes rather difficult to manage in my follow up fitting, as the tape is not very effective (Note to self, buy a new glue stick). Next I will make up a pair in calico and see if these changes give me a wearable pair of pants.
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katherine h said...

I'm curious to see how these work for you. I can't get the hang of tissue fitting either. I have read about that thigh adjustment, but have not yet tried it...can't wait to see what you think.