Saturday, 4 October 2008

A girly weekend

photo credit BWOF June 2008 Archive

The girls and I are home by ourselves for a few days, so we have been doing some girly things. Aside from a few days at work, which did cramp our style a bit, we have managed to do rather a lot of sewing, quite a bit of baking and eating cake, and this evening we are getting take away and watching a girly video. We think there is a lot less work around here without the blokes!
Here are two of my efforts so far. The first one is the skirt 122 from BWOF June 2008. I really like the skirt, especially the pleats, but I am not sure that it really suits my shape, I look kind of thick around the middle. I am thinking of making this up again for my daughter.

This effort is a wearable toile for the Vogue Donna Karan dress 1027. I have made up the upper bodice in an 8 (usually I take a 10-12 in Vogue) after reading the reviews suggesting that it runs rather large, and have done a little tweaking and technique practice before I start on the dress. The bodice is a bit low, and seems a little big still, but I am reasonably happy with it. I think the weight of the skirt will pull the waist and neckline lower on the dress, so I am planning to raise the neckline, and maybe take a little more from the shoulders when I make the dress this evening. For this version I added a band to the lower bodice to make it into a knit top.
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Melinda said...

Love the top Karen, it looks great. Can you tell me how you raist the neckline on wrap style tops? I have a pattern here that is just a wee bit too revealing (my DH loves it!) that I want to raise the neckline to make it wearable in public.

Angie said...

I like both the skirts, they suit you are productive on the sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the first combo suits you soooo well! I do love your style and the things you sew, but this one outline looks exceptionally good on you.