Saturday, 1 November 2008


Truly I mean to be working on my sewing with a plan ( that is SWAP, to answer JB) see stitcher's guild
. However, I seem to be working on a lot of other things. I finished my younger daughter's socks.

These are made from a corn based yarn that I purchased over the internet. We thought it would be cool stripes, but instead it turned out a sort of camo pattern. She still likes them. I used knit in elastic for the cuffs to help them stay up.
I have also been working on a shirt for my husband, and playing with some feet from my old Janome, that I suddenly realised would probably fit my Husqvarna.
Wonderful Vicki has sent me the Claire Shaeffer instructions for the quilted Chanel jacket, and I will definitely do something with them tomorrow. They were very useful yesterday, when I kept distracting myself from horrible paperwork by just having a quick glance at them! Today, when I could have legitimately poured over them at my leisure, I spent most of the day in the garden. When I came indoors, I looked at the very useful links from Anne, and will look through my threads issues for the instructions Blooms mentions in her comment. Thank you very much! I know that several hours on the internet does not seem to get me very far in the short term, but will save me from many mistakes.
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JB said...

Thanks for the info on SWAP. Nice socks--they look warm.

Meg said...

I think the socks came out cooler than stripes. Unlike so many I see, these look really comfortable.