Wednesday, 12 November 2008

V8739 for MareeAlison

Maree was kind enought to comment on the blouse I posted about yesterday. It was her comment on the original post about the blouse that made me try to work out why I wasn't wearing it. I did like the blouse in its prior state, but I had made it as a work blouse, yet could not wear it to work, so it was languishing.
Maree also asked about the wrap dress I had made earlier. Somehow the photographs had fallen off the blog, and I have not reviewed this pattern at patternreview.
Here are my photos. I did not use facings on either dress. The cotton jersey is finished at the neck with an attempt at a blind hem over swimmer elastic. It bubbles a bit at the neck, so I did not try this on the silk.

The silk jersey dress is finished with fold over elastic, but I did not like the look of this either, so turned it under again and topstitched with a very skinny zigzag.

I wore both of these dresses frequently through Winter and Spring. I think I need a sleeveless version for Summer.
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MareeAlison said...

Thank you very much for the photos. I like them both but I particularly like the colour of the silk jersey dress on you. It seems a little longer? I spent this evening reading through the instructions and they look reasonably straight forward. You mentioned short sleeves. How about morphing the extended sleeve from Vogue 1027, or would that make it too similar to the original dress?

Carol said...

I've got this pattern and I've got about four fabrics set aside to make it. So why am I hesitating? It looks great on you. This might be the quick fix I need before I knuckle down and work on my SWAP jacket! Thanks for the inspiration.