Thursday, 13 November 2008

Another UFO uncovered

I was all set to at last start sewing for the SWAP, but decided that, as I seem unable to work on the jacket, which I will not be able to wear until next winter, I would deviate from my sewing order and start with a cream blouse, which will start working in my wardrobe as soon as it is completed.
Imagine my dismay when, on getting out Vogue 7903, I discovered that I did not have clean sewing decks at all. I had already cut out some batik, back in July when I thought I would make a bead embellished blouse for the capsule contest. What is worse, is that I cut this out in a moment of 5am rashness, BEFORE I had read all the fitting suggestions after posting the green and floral versions of the blouse. It has been lurking in a ziplock back with the pattern ever since.

I started it anyway. I have squeezed a tiny bit of extra bust room from the side seam allowances, and trimmed the back shoulder seam a little in hope of reversing the forward shoulder adjustment that is built into the pattern. (Thanks Linda for explaining this to me.
I got this far last night and this morning, but now I am heading off to work. I am musing over whether to have the front like this, which is not unpleasing, but definitely not pattern matched (there is not enough fabric

Or maybe I should include the side border of the sarong at the front in order to break up the pattern? I have cut out short sleeves on the cross grain, so that the sleeves will be hemmed with the same border.
I will look at it again after work. I also need to think about the beading. This sarong is a second, and you can see wax markings in most unfortunate places. I will try to hide them at the embellishment stage.
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Carol said...

I like it with the border down the front. It makes it a more balanced to my eye. I love the fabric and it should look really nice on you.

Vicki said...

You have probably finished this by now, as you are a pretty quick sewer, but I am a bit undecided about which I think is better. I quite like the first picture - think it flows in a diagonal way. But then the second does give some balance. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

Bunny said...

I like the border application. Anxious to see what you decide. Cute top.