Monday, 17 November 2008

Vogue 7903 #3 Batik blouse

We had a very social weekend, so there wasn't a lot of sewing, but I did finish the batik blouse Vogue 7903. I had a lot of fitting issues with the first two versions and this one was no different. Following on from the previous two versions, my additional alterations were 1. I lowered the bust dart, and 2.removed 1cm from the back shoulders, and added 1cm to the front shoulders to help remove the built in forward shoulder adjustment.
I like the blouse better with the border trim added to the centre front - thanks Carol, Vicki and Bunny for the comments to help me decide.

My original intention was to make this up with bracelet length sleeves, but I did not have enough fabric, so made short sleeves, just above the elbow, using the side border as the hem. This seemed good in theory, but I hated how it looked, so took the sleeves off.

I then discovered that the 1cm alteration to the shoulders, had combined infelicitously with the lowered bust dart to give me a lot of bust room at the bottom of my rib cage, and none where it would actually be useful. I unpicked the side seams, and raised the bust dart. I think it may still be a bit low. I also took around 2cm from the back side seam above the waist, as there was a lot of back armhole gaposis. It has improved a little. There is also a funny sticking out thing going on with the shoulder seam. I should probably make it slope a little more towards the outer shoulder. I am also thinking the top is a bit long to wear with this skirt, but as I want to make some 3/4 pants to wear to the park with my 6 y.o., I will leave it this length, and see if it looks better with trousers. I am rather tired of this pattern, which is a bit of a problem, as I had planned to make a few work blouses for my SWAP from it. I am now thinking of the ruffle blouse from the December BWOF - nothing is as tempting as a pattern I do not yet own!

Currently I am working on a wearable trial version of Vogue 8034 (Version A). The real version is for my SWAP, and has jumped to the top of the list as my eldest daughter and I have been invited to a Mocktail party. She has picked out her dress, and said to me "You will need to make something new for yourself". I am taking the hint! I am planning to make the Vogue blouse from a gold silk chiffon that has been lurking in the stash for 3 years.
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MareeAlison said...

I think you made a good choice to remove the sleeves. It appears more modern without them but then short sleeves can be a little like that whereas capped sleeves are different again. I like your fabric.

Vicki said...

what a pain! Why don't things just work out the first time? Final result looks good though:)