Friday, 2 January 2009

BWOF 2008-9-143 again

I made the second version of the BWOF boy's shirt from the September 2008 Issue today. I am much more pleased with this version.

Learning from the previous version, I made the shirt about 7cm longer than the pattern, including the hem allowance. I used around 1cm of this length for the hem. I also made the collar stand and the collar each 0.75 cm more narrow. The combination of this change, and the slightly softer hand of this particular quilting fabric gives a much more appealing collar IMO. The other terrific thing about the second shirt was that I only had to match the pattern at the back yoke, as the print was not so large as to need matching at the centre front nor the pocket.

I used the pocket from shirt 142. It is a tiny pocket, but I think it suits the shirt. I did add grosgrain ribbon to the outer border of the pocket, rather than the satin ribbon called for in the instructions for shirt 142. I think this looks O.K., but that adding it to the yoke seams, as the instructions indicate, would have been overkill. I used another print for the under collar and back collar stand. It reminds me of lizards for some reason, so I thought it belonged with this shirt.

My son does not like this shirt quite as much as the Holden cars one, he is disappointed that there are no Eastern Water Dragons or Velvet Geckos in the print. I have a budding naturalist here, and he wants his local lizards represented!
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Claudine said...

These shirts are so cool! Your son is very lucky. The lizard comment made me LOL. I can recall, as a child, becoming aware that the things I dreamed up may not be available in shops. It was quite a disappointment. However, I believe there's a web site where you can upload a graphic and they will print it on fabric. Maybe for his birthday or something.

Sewuptight said...

The shirt looks perfect, and your son is so cute.

Sue said...

I love both those shirts - he is a very lucky boy to have you sewing for him!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Ah he's such a cutie! His shirt looks great.