Saturday, 7 February 2009

Home dec sewing over at last

These chair covers have been hanging over my head. Today I finished off the footstool covers, with about 2 hours of work, and the relief is fabulous.

The project was more complicated than I had envisionaged, as whilst in Brisbane, considering fabric, I had thought "simple cushion covers", not having inspected the chairs for a while, and when I returned home, I discovered that the dastardly things were quilted.

The chairs were quite clean, just faded and old, so fortunately I was able to recyle the batting. It is quite unlike the quilt batting I can purchase locally. The quilting took hours and hours and 700m of thread. I used the walking foot on my new Janome, and I was extremely pleased to have it. The small areas in which I was unable to use the foot ( zips) shifted and bunched with great enthusiasm. The fabric looks OK, but it acts like loosely woven poly (naturally, as that is the fabric), and is rather nasty to sew.
The chairs are outside, as I have also needed to sand them (thanks to my older daughter for doing quite a bit of this with me!) and needed the last coat of home brew oil/varnish/turps coating this morning. I pulled them out to the lawn at the crack of dawn, and when I got home from work at lunch time, my daughter had finished the varnishing for me. I was extremely pleased.

I felt she was quite entitled to an late afternoon lounge about in the garden.
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Claudine said...

Great job on the cushions. And I love the lounging shot!

Sue said...

What a great daughter you have! The chairs look like new!

MareeAlison said...

The chairs look great. I have a cushion cover for my bay window seat that has been hanging over my head for 2 years now. Perhaps you've inspired me.

Sew Passionista said...

These are really good looking. I'm like you. Home dec. just seems to hover over my head when it becomes necessary. I really don't care for that kind of sewing at all.