Saturday, 31 January 2009

Still here

I have not been posting. I have not been sewing. My cushion covers have not killed my mojo - thanks Elizabeth and Claudine for the warnings, but I cannot sew anything else whilst they are still looking at me.
Instead I have done some knitting. Here is my younger daughter in the jumper I just finished for her brother. She is 5 years older and 8 sizes bigger than her brother. My swatch lied. Please admire my daughter's dedication in modelling for me. She is wearing jeans and a jumper in high summer, just like a real model has to. I said if she would do this for me I would give her the jumper instead of putting it away for 5 years in the hope that her brother would grow into it.
She was conned by this, but then would not smile until I told her corny jokes. "Real models don't smile mum, don't you know that!!!!"

Here is my next knitting project. I am really excited by this one, the yarn is so luxurious and the pattern so arty. I am making the origami jacket from Jo Sharp Knit 7.

There are some really boring sewing projects on the horizon. I need to make a school shirt and a school tie from this primary school dress. The hideously expensive school uniform shop does not have any shirts in my son's size at the moment, and I am not inclined to pay $15 for a school tie.

However, the overwhelming reason for not sewing is this.
My husband and I are tiling a 33m2 shop floor. More about why later!
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cidell said...

"My swatch lied." That, is the funniest thing I've seen today. Lovely sweater!

Keely said...

Cute jumper - and model :)
Ah, school uniforms...honestly, the cheek of the prices they want to charge! I'm currently making DD a school uniform skirt after I saw the prices they wanted to charge for a simple wrap skirt.

Alexandra said...

The sweater is beautiful! Funny how bribes work, eh?

a little sewing on the side said...

Tell your DD she looks just like a gorgeous high fashion model.
And thank her for wearing it in the eat. We need to see your beautiful knitting!

Good luck on getting through the other chores.

MaryPat R said...

You new knitting swatches look amazing. I love the tweedy texture. Daughter #1 is a good sport, even if she needed a bribe.
My son's school uniforms are much simpler than that, but still expensive. They are synthetic or blends and made in China as well, so I have resorted to sewing what I can too. I hope you show us see your results.