Wednesday, 18 February 2009


The most exciting aspect of my sewing hobby at the moment is the mail.

Now you have to admit, this is pretty good mail. Wonderful Karla from Patternreview graciously offered to circumvent Pantone USA's nasty North-America-centric posting policy (what is the matter with posting to Australia???)and allow me to purchase a Pantones guide. No more strange monitor colour abberations for me. Being a very thrifty and enabling sort of lady, Karla also suggested that a few patterns might fit into the flat rate envelope, and that it would be a waste of postage not to fill the envelope to the brim. Naturally I agreed with her, and sent her shopping to a pattern sale. Isn't she kind! I am particularly pleased with the Badgley Mischka pattern, although I do also feel rather gleeful about the Laura Ashley pattern. For some reason these patterns cannot be purchased in Australia. I think this Laura Ashley dress will look very sweet on my daughters, but wonder why I always want items that require unusual efforts for me to purchase! It must be my contrary nature.

My other mail today should have been good. Historically I love Australian Smocking and Embroidery, but the last year or two have been devoted to extremely simple smocking patterns. Unfortunately I find these rather uninspiring. A beginner could make every item in this issue. The garments are pretty, and I will use it when I am teaching people to smock, but am unlikely to use this issue for my own projects.
Although I have mostly been unable to sew, working 6 days a week at my not-at-home jobs, I have squeezed in some knitting. I changed the colours for my Jo Sharp Origami Jacket, and am quite pleased with the effect so far. This is the sleeve, the top of the back, and the start of a second sleeve. The construction intrigues me.

Thank you for all the comments regarding the school uniform sewing. I had no idea school uniforms were such a hot topic! I love Keely's subversive fitting instructions for teenage friends, and agree with the comments about polyester blouses. I may sneak in a cotton one if I can salvage some school embroidered pockets.
In sewing news (trying to keep this blog remotely on topic) I have cut out 2 pairs of Marlene pants (105) from the August 08 issue. Maybe writing this here will make me sew them soon.
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Anonymous said...

Sew them! The Marlenes! You will love and wear them all the time!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, I am very very jealous of your Pantone guide. I am going to get one next time I go to the US. what is up with that policy, anyway?

katherine h said...

lucky you! I have been eyeing off that Vogue pattern in the middle, so would love to see you make it up.

MaryPat R said...

I love getting packages in the post!
The knitting looks interesting.