Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I wrote yesterday about my desperate lack of sewing time, and how I have done nearly no sewing for my SWAP, yet somehow today, after school, I managed to make my daughter a rashie top and board shorts. These were not remotely on the horizon until 3.30 pm today. How does this happen? (I just saw that I did not actually manage to post yesterday, as it is still sitting in the draft folder :( )

It is the grin that does it. The grin was preceeded by moans and wails about no longer caring for her long-sleeved rashie, as this is now rather elderly, and the arms have stretched past her hands, making her look extremely uncool in front of her friends at school swimming lessons. Her current boardies, apparently are also uncool, being non matching.

I added in seam trim from the rashie fabric to the new boardies, and used a machine embroidery stitch at the hem. I think these do not match, but my daughter selected the fabrics and assured me that they are now perfect. Who am I to argue? I think she should learn to sew very soon. Although she is becoming rather accomplished at cups of tea and bringing in the washing - a good deal for me really!
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Anne e le manine d'oro said...

:-( I wrote you a long comment and it went away. I don't know if you daughter asked to sew but my son what to start sewing. Yessss ! He wants to start with a polar fleece sweater. For aesthetics for kids, I do the same as you do, leave them choose what they like. This is a cool outfit... lucky you to swim in the ocean.

KateS said...

Wow great work in a short timespan!! Its great that DD will be ready to sew but does that mean you will lose the cups of tea being made?

a little sewing on the side said...

Gotta love her confidence - I don't think I could resist her grin either.
Good job, Mom!