Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pleated neckline ideas

Little Hunting Creek's post about Butterick 5237 instantly made me think about this top.

I think this is a very neat way of making a pleated neckline. The front fabric is unfinished, which gives a soft ruffle look to the neckline. The pleats are held in place with a doubled over strip of the same fabric (medium weight cotton lycra knit) which apppears to be sewn with a cover stitch machine. I am hoping to achieve a similar result with a twin needle. The neckline does not sag at all, I suppose it is the 3 layers of fabric at the band that prevents this.I have been vaguely planning to make my own versin of this top since I bought it last January. I love the neckline, but am not 100% thrilled with the puffed sleeves.

I am trying very hard not to make this top my next project in an impulsive fashion. I am still working on the first of my two pairs of Marlene pants. As Sew Passionista pointed out in September, when I made the last pair, welt pockets are an elusive achievement, requiring constant practice. Last night I agreed with this fully, having forgotten completely every construction step, but after frequent reference to Ann Rowleys tutorial I managed to finish the pocket on the cream linen pants. I was delayed by a few small issues including melting the green polyester thread used for hand basting into the fabric. Nothing that half an hour's work with the end of a pin could not fix! I bitterly regretted being too lazy to walk down the hall to fetch cotton thread. One day I will become organized.
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Little Hunting Creek said...

I love that top - that is a genius neckline treatment. I'll add that to the experiments!

Keely said...

I like that neckline treatment. I might have to give it a go. Thanks for showing it.

angie.a said...

That is a gorgeous neckline! I really want this to be your next project so I can do one too!

MaryPat R said...

I like that neckline a lot. The raw edge keeps it from looking too cutesy, despite the ruffle. I am looking foward to the copy.