Saturday, 25 April 2009

BWOF 04-2009-101 Gabardine cotton version

After making the denim version of this skirt #101 from BWOF 04-2009, I received some very helpful suggestions from a few people.
Cidell and gwensews suggested that the stiffness of the denim might contribute to the hip poochiness, so for this second version I chose a quite drapey cotton gabardine from Michaels Fabrics, that just happens to be left over from the Marlene pants I made a few weeks ago. (This skirt is very useful for remnant type pieces.
I think this has helped a little in minimizing the poochiness, but unfortunately I think this fabric seems to have amazing wrinkle revealing properties in photographs. I would swear this just came out of the washing pile rather than straight from the ironing board!

Goodworks felt that the skirt did not look like an A line except from the side, and that this was probably due to fitting issues.

I thought this sounded feasible, especially as Cidell also mentioned fitting issues for people with more backside than hip (relatively for me!), so embarked on some fitting adjustments. I took some hip curve away from the side seams, and added the same amount to the side -back to back panel seams. There is now plenty of room over my behind, and my side seams are now straight, but I agree, the skirt still does not look much like an a line from the front or the back, so maybe all my adventures in different skirt shapes should be undertaken with a different pattern!


Carol also offered some really good suggestions about changing the skirt length and the width of the a line to see which is more flattering. I did make this skirt a smidgeon shorter, but I think I need a bilateral leg replacement in order to look as good as Carol in a short skirt, no matter what shape it is.
The next step was to try out a whole heap of different tops as suggested by Katherine. It really does change the overall shape. I did have some photos as examples but they have fallen off the post. I found that tucked in woven blouses effectively remove my waist, and increase apparent fatness, tucked in fitted t shirts replace my waist but make me look shorter, and that the best look is close fitted stretch t shirts with asymetrical hem
- I have one of these only, and it also completely obscures the waist detail of the skirt! Back to the drawing board for this wardrobe plan.
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gwensews said...

I am wondering if the issues with the skirt are grainline. There is a book called "Easy Guide to Sewing Skits" by Marcy Tilton that addresses the A-Line skirt, and the position of the grain on the panels.

goodworks1 said...

I do think you might want to check the grainline of the panels. Also the positioning of the side seams. They still seem to be swinging forward to me, which would make me think you might need more space just at the bottom of the button panel/(waistband?). And if you get more space there, then you can straighten out that curve (that you don't need) on those front seams. Another thing to try first, though, would be to tug/hike up the back of the skirt while you are wearing it and see if the A-shape improves. This is one of those times when you wish you could just reach out and try a few things right through the screen! lol