Sunday, 26 April 2009

Vogue 7903 and the SWAP

I made yet another version of Vogue 7903 today, except for a few hiccups which mean I didn't actually finish it.
Here it is hanging on the verandah in a buttonless, but otherwise completed state.
The reason it is unfinished is due to one of those blinding last minute marvellous ideas. This time the idea was that the rather plain blouse could do with a little inseam trim on the sleeves and on the edges of the front placket. I carefully trimmed an appropriate amount from the sleeve, then cut out a tiny cuff, no problems, sleeve went together nicely (aside from some topstitching that I thought better of and unpicked). Next I trimmed very carefully down the front pieces of the blouse, measuring precisely to make sure everything lined up. I applied the folded batiste trim, added the facings, then sat back to admire my work. It was only at this point, admiring the eveness of the piping in a smug sort of way, that I realized I had carefully cut exactly on the centre front marking, instead of a few centimetres to the side, making a blouse that could not be fastened. :(
Whilst unpicking my lovely double stitched piping and trimmed to the bone seam allowance I decided that the next blouse would have no trim, no design changes and be made from the easiest possible fabric.
I "fixed" this particular blouse by inserting elastic loop between the facing and the right side of the blouse, and adding an underplacket to the same side. Naturally I managed to apply this over the loops on my first attempt, so had a little more unsewing to do. I have put it away waiting for several gazillion little round pearl buttons instead of the cute jade green ones that look terrific against the green dot fabric.

This blouse is a late entry as a SWAP contender. Just like last year, I have ended up with several partial SWAPs by the last week instead of one completed SWAP. At this point I have nearly 5 versions of V7903, which look very good with both pairs of Marlene pants. However, the orange blouse is too loud for the multicoloured knitted cardigan/bolero jacket, so really I only have 4 blouses and 2 pants + 1 jacket. (3 garments missing!)

I have cut out a plain beige V7903 blouse, and washed some tropical wool for another pair of pants. Maybe I will finish these by Thursday.
Instead I could work on the missing garments from my other SWAP, which currently contains 1 brown stretch denim skirt, 1 dark denim skirt, 1 olive gabardine skirt and 1 pair of jeans, 1 chiffon blouse, 1 silk blouse, the orange shirt, a knit top and 2 knit tanks and 3/4 of another knitted cardigan - so missing 1 top and 1/4 of a 4 ply cardigan. Maybe I won't finish either SWAP by the deadline! I need to plan better.
I think I will spend the evening knitting my cardigan whilst watching the last episode of "So you think you can dance" and drinking a glass of red wine.
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gwensews said...

You're close to the finish line. Sew on!

There are no mistakes, only "creative options"!

Anonymous said...

Five versions of a blouse. The mind boggles. I can't imagine sewing a pattern five times, except maybe trousers which are meant to be uninteresting. Even then! And definitely not a blouse. You are to be congratulated. And why can't your two skirts and a top make their way into your first swap? Both would go with the origami jacket anyway.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Enjoy your TV.

gwensews said... has just recently made the skirt in your previous post. Thought you may like to take a look at her version.

katherine h said...

Don't worry about have done a fabulous job sewing this many garments. And wasn't the final of SYTYCD a complete joy to watch? I love dance and I love costumes...I am going to miss this show now that it is over.

Peggy said...

I'm impressed! FIVE versions of this blouse! I pulled 7903 out of my Sandra Betzina pattern stash last night and did a trial version this morning and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Of course, then I Google it... Anyways, you've given me the inspiration to follow through and make it again (and again? I'm always on the quest for a versatile blouse pattern), this time in a better fabric to wear out in public. Thanks for blogging about it!