Thursday, 30 April 2009

V7903 ad tedium

Dear readers, Are you very tired of looking at V7903 (heavily modified) variations? I am rather tired of making them, but they are becoming lovely quick projects. I made this last one in several very short sewing periods after work this week. I also managed to put some buttons on the earlier version - all 19 of them.

The most recent version is terribly plain. No piping, no embellishment, just frivolous buttons. The fabric is a lovely cotton sateen from Ewan Gardam fabrics. I bought it in Brisbane City in January, so it is practically new fabric, almost raw in stash terms.

The fabric of the previous blouse is much less high class, and even more raw. It is a cotton quilting print from Stitch Bliss in Gympie. I thought it was rather fun for a blouse, and that I could get away with it for work without anyone picking that it was originally designed for quilting. I am now quite happy with the fastening - as Gwen commented, it is no longer a mistake (chopping off the facing at centre front for piping instead of a few cm to the side)but a design element :)

I am really, really hoping to finish another pair of Marlene pants by the midnight sewing cut off for the SWAP. I have had 6 months to get it finished, but I still end up working more to a deadline! I am the procrastination Queen.
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Anonymous said...

I swoon with tedium :-) Actually they are all very nice blouses and I am sure you will wear them to death. But I bet you will never make another one.

Good luck on those Marlenes! They are excessively flattering on you so go go go.


PS Then make another 6 yard dress.

PPS Aren't you lucky to have blog commenters who will plan your sewing for you?

Little Hunting Creek said...

Those blouses are so pretty! I can see why you like making them. I especially like the one with all the little buttons. You did it on purpose, right? :)

wendy said...

hooray for good saves! they both look gorgeous :-)

Carol said...

You'll be able to make this in your sleep! I love the pearl button closure and I love the fabric. I've been using quilting cotton for loads of things because I love the way it washes and becomes soft on my skin and the prints and colours are way more interesting than other fabrics. Plus, there is a fabric store near me in a little roadside stop called Mooball that sells a lot of their quilting cottons for $10 a metre, when everywhere else they are at least $15 but usually $22!

gwensews said...

But look-you have a great TNT blouse! You can chop the pattern in any configuration, go sleeveless to long sleeves, embellish to your heart's content. Isn't that fabulous?

Anonymous said...

I've done the same for my Swap - use one pattern and do variations on it. I love the ideas you had for your versions and don't see the need for a wide pattern selection, when you can just incoorporate certain styleelements into a basic blouse pattern... You got wonderful tops, what more is there to wish?