Friday, 1 May 2009

SWAP report

I did not make the Marlene pants. I got home from a truly exasperating day at work at 7.30pm last night, took one look at the gorgeous tropical wool draped seductively over the dining table, and could not even imagine cutting into it. There would have been a big mistake in the first 5 minutes.

I did some lovely soothing round and round K1P1 knitting after dinner instead. One day I will finish this 4ply (fine/sport/baby) cardigan, and will have to take up meditation instead. Or maybe I will start another mindless knitting project.

Back to the SWAP. I have 5 possible bottoms and quite a lot of tops (about 10?)from which I will try to find suitable matches with my one jacket, so that I have some sort of entry to show for my poor planning, but lots of sewing in the last few months. Unfortunately my camera memory card has developed a nasty blip overnight. It does not want to record any photographs. I discovered this when I tried to load a photograph of 8yards of fabric I received today from Textile Fabrics. You will just have to use your imagination - cinnamon washed silk, autumn paisley brocade, a mysterious grey/taupe spongy stretchy fabric described as gabardine, which must be a different animal in the USA, , and a coarse dark brown cotton that is supposed to be Ann Klein shirting cotton but is rather like homespun. I think most of these fabrics will be fabulous for a mini May wardrobe Pattern review or maybe for the wardrobe in a week challenge at Stitchers Guild. I think sewing a lot makes me want to sew even more!


gwensews said...

The best laid plans---. Your fabric sounds delicious! You just hit a little snag--move forward!

RuthieK said...

You have made some fabulous garments over the last few months. How could I have missed them?