Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Taking photographs

I did not sew on the weekend. I did take photographs, but not of my recent sewing.

Aren't the reflections amazing. We spent the weekend (Labour day public holiday weekend in Queensland) on the Noosa River, kayaking up to Campsite 4 from Harry's Hut.

There is some sewing in these photographs, see the Gortex jacket lurking under the life vest? I made that. See the skin on frame kayak - I did not make that, my husband did. I would not even let him use my sewing machine. I am very mean. He bought his own (Toyota, from Spotlight) which has come in very handy on occasion. He made the other 4 kayaks as well, but my favourite is mine, stitch and glue (all wooden despite the name)of which I do not have a photograph because I was sitting in it.
I made most of the clothes in the bottom photograph too, everything except the trousers on my younger daughter. It is not very exciting to sew camping and play clothes, but it is very quick and easy!

I have been getting my daughter up 1/2 an hour early every day this week to take a few SWAP photos before work. She is a trooper, and we are almost done.
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Sue said...

That's a lovely spot to camp. I was there many years ago and really enjoyed it.

Gail said...

Your photos take me back. I used to live near the river at Noosaville...before the developers ruined it!

katherine h said...

That looks like an enjoyable weekend. What an amazing family, those kayaks are impressive. I am also impressed that you daughter will take photos...I find photos the most tedious (and disappointing) aspect of blogging about sewing projects.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Beautiful pictures.

wendy said...

That looks so peaceful and wonderful! I love kayaking :-)
I hope you guys had lots of fun!