Thursday, 7 May 2009

Shaker pincushion

The Shaker practical aesthetic is very appealing to me. About 11 years ago, we spent the last month of our time in North America travelling through eastern Canada and the United States. We visited several of the Shaker communites that are now museums, and also spent about 6 hours at the Smithsonian looking at Shaker woodworking. This was a bit of an ordeal with 2 toddlers, but I am still reaping the benefits! Apparently my husband saw a pincushion of this style in one of the Philadelphia community museum farms. We were not able to take photographs in the museum, nor does he have a picture in any of considerable collection of Shaker books, but yesterday he brought up a wooden screw construction and asked me to put a pincushion on top.
This had been lurking in the back of his mind for a decade or more. I am interested to see what else is in his construction department, I fancy a steamed circular sewing box.
I think it is a terrific pincushion, but unfortunately it is not for me. He has made one for his Mum for Mother's day, and one for my Mum as well. They are both quilters, so will find these very handy. (I am now off the hook with the mohair scarf until Mum's birthday, Whew! I have knitted about 5cm). I hinted a little bit, and he hinted right back about a nice new shirt. He has been hinting about this since November, when I first made him one, so I guess I will have to wait a while for my pincushion.
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gwensews said...

Your hubby is talented, and kind as well, to make these for the two mothers. How nice.

Claudine said...

That's cool! I love the shaker style.

Sue said...

What a lovely man!