Friday, 8 May 2009

Taking photographs is not sewing

I admit, I was not very good about my SWAP photographs. There was barely a photograph taken during construction, I did not review very much because I used only 2 blouse patterns, one of which I have been tweaking for 8 months, and also made 2 pairs of trousers from another previously used pattern. Then I went away camping for 3 days immediately at the end of the sewing period. So this week has not been about sewing. My poor long suffering daughter has got up early every morning this week to take a few shots. As she says, at least I only have to put make up on once as I am getting ready to go to work anyway!
I was keen to show all the possible combinations of my SWAP on Flickr, as, this year, everything looks good together, instead of there being a few dubious combinations as I had last year.
Things were looking pretty good until I hit a disaster whilst trying to send in my SWAP photographs last night. The jeans did not look nearly as good as I remembered. Was it my pose? Was it my shoes? Had I done something strange with a belt or whilst tucking in my blouse? No, I had simply worn the wrong pair of jeans. Photographing at 6.30am, before my first cup of tea, had somehow allowed me to wear my disaster Jalie 968 jeans for every "jeans" shot. The funny thing is, that they look much better to me now than they did last July. They are still not as good as the Burda pants, but maybe I will wear them after all. Maybe I am skinnier :) !
This morning we squeezed in only a few Burda jeans photographs. Time was short, and I still have wet hair, but they will have to do! I have finally finished the SWAP, and I think the photographs were the most difficult part.

I don't want to spoil the offical SWAP photos, so will leave you with a very boring shot of some SWAP rejects. I do like all of these contenders, and the others that are in the wash, but they did not make the cut. 1. 8034 chiffon blouse - fabric print not the best with the jacket 2. Jalie cross over top - looks wrinkly in all photographs despite looking not so bad in real life 3.V7903 blouse - I like this, it goes with everything, but it is the most boring of all my tops. 4. BWOF 2009-04-101 skirt in gabardine - I had no room for 2 skirts in my SWAP.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I really enjoyed your Swap pictures! It is great and as always, I love your setting! BUT- something went wrong, the notes on some of the pictures don't match the picture itself and the jeans that you took extra trouble to take photos of are nowhere to be seen. Just for you to know in case you want to contact Ann and have her correct the text...