Friday, 8 May 2009

However, you can sew when it is too dark to take photographs

Despite my last post, I did do a little sewing this week. I was getting antsy, it was too dark after work to take photographs anyway, and my son needs a new Winter jacket. I wanted to use a Jalie pattern for a polar fleece top with a hood, but I could not find it. I was rather annoyed, as the plan was to work out the construction tweaks with the smallest size in the family, then make a jacket for everyone else as well. No luck.
After my fruitless search for Jalie whatever-the-number-is, I looked through my TopKids Magazines. These are getting rather old now, but if you look at the line drawings instead of the styling, children's clothes look much the same now as they did 10 or so years ago.
I made my son Jacket 22 from TopKids 51.

I have used some really awful red polar fleece for the body (originally purchased for a costume) and some not so bad green polar fleece for the sleeves and hood lining. The pattern had quite a lot of piecing and colour blocking - including the back, but I think it looks pretty good for two mismatching scraps.
My son is extremely pleased with it. I hope he likes the proper polartech one just as much.
Next time I make this I will use a walking foot for the piecing, as some of it is a bit wobbly here, but otherwise the pattern is pretty good. I have reviewed it here


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

He looks very pleased :) It looks great.

Sue said...

I think the colour combo looks great! I made a few items for my kids from Topkids magazines and am very sorry that I didn't keep the magazines.

gwensews said...

Looks very fashionable to me. Basics such as that jacket don't go out of style. This one is basically a "free" jacket! Cute--jacket and young man!

Deb said...

I too wish I knew where my Topkids magazines were, they could be buried under layers of 'treasure' in the garage or I could have dispised of them. I can't remember, but I wish I could.
This looks super.