Sunday, 10 May 2009

BWOF 2009-05-111 Pants

It is serendipitous of the BWOF to arrive on a Friday. I could jump right in and start sewing! I was very attracted by a few of the dresses, but the real need for clothes in this house is for winter clothes to cover my poor cold children. (I am quoting). There has been a little restlessness from these people due to my selfish SWAP sewing just for me. Personally, I think some daughters should learn to sew, but one has no interest, and the other is currently obsessed with knitting.
Being a very good mother just before Mother's day (is this like good behaviour for Santa on Christmas Eve?). I made my older daughter some pants from the May Burda, 111. These pants are practically invisible in the magazine, being covered up by a thigh length blouse, but they have some nice details.
Link to technical drawing

I used khaki cotton twill from Michael's Fabrics



I had not made single welt pockets previously, but found them quite straightforward after using Ann Rowley's double welt pocket Flickr tutorial. I increased the width of the welt to 2cm, as the pattern piece measurements were quite large (maybe a typo?)and I thought a bigger welt would look just fine.


My daughter is quite pleased with her pants. It is not really cold here yet, but all the children are travelling to Sydney in June/July for a visit to their grandparents, so I am starting early with their travel wardrobes.
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Anonymous said...

Love the style of these pants! The fabric (colour) and pattern goes well together and it looks very good on your daughter. No kid anymore...

Deb said...

These look fantastic, well done.
I wish I could make pants for me that fit this well.